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My husband and I have been hosting an Adaptations book club for a couple of years now. I’m going to try to keep a running list of the books on a page in this blog, and post info re the books we’re reading (and then watching).

Tomorrow’s book is Enemies: A Love Story and I’m bummed because I’ve been on deadline and haven’t actually had the chance to read the book (tonight?  Maybe?).

Despite my lack of current reading, this is a really great idea for anyone interested in putting together their own bookclub.  There are a wealth of movies to choose from.  We’ve been going strong for years now, with no shortage of material.  What’s fun is to see a) how closely the adaptation tracks the book, and b) where it doesn’t–and really, it’s hard to truly track–did the movie still manage to capture the novel?  Was the movie solid on its own, or did it get lost in translation?

Some movies, I think, are even better than the book.  This may be complete blasphemy, for example, but I like the movie Bladerunner (the director’s cut) much better than the original book.  (Standing back now to be lambasted by Philip K. Dick fans…) 

Anyone else pay attention to adaptations?  Only see an adapted movie after you’ve read the book (my rule for my daughter and the Harry Potter/Lightning Thief books)?

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