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Origin Story

No, this isn't an angry superhero face. But it's just too dang cute.
Ha! Check it out.

I found the origin of “angry superheroes.” Here you go. Fresh from my old, old, old home school blog.

Because, hey, I know you care. A lot.


So, why “angrysuperheroes”?

A good question. It started with C’s faces. Budding actress that she is, she used to run around being a superhero. One day, she made a stern face, shoved little fists down at her sides with stiff arms, and asked D and I what she was. When we couldn’t say, we were informed that she was “an angry superhero.”


Naturally, this caused much amusement in D and I, and when we stopped bribing the child to show relatives, friends and strangers “your angry superhero face,” we realized it was too good to let pass as much of childhood does. Because this is, after all, a new millennium, I immediately registered the domain name.

The rest, as they say, is history…


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