In some ways, getting slapped in the face is actually worse than getting punched. The physical pain is almost the same. But there’s an added dose of humiliation and shame on top. An overlay of mortification. As if someone dumped a pail of loser juice over your head. Plus, your cheeks get all flushed. And the handprint takes five or ten minutes to fade.

From Not a Poe Fan by Brian Koppelman, posted over at Popcorn Fiction

Don’t you just love that description? An overlay of mortification? Loser juice? I can feel the sting of the slap. Love it, love it, love it.

Now what I want to know is how, how, how did I miss this site before? It’s absolutely fabulous! The uber-talented novelist and screenwriter Derek Haas is the editor, and describes the site as growing “out of a love for pulpy short fiction that used to dominate popular magazines in the mid-20th Century.” Honestly, that’s like he had me at hello.

Check it out. This means you.

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