Raindrops on roses and foreign editions - J. Kenner

Raindrops on roses and foreign editions

Yes, going to the mailbox is fun. You never know what you might find. The new Levenger catalog. A 20% off coupon from Bed Bath & Beyond (do they mail those every day?). An overdue notice for that bill that fell down behind the printer.

Or…maybe…foreign editions!!! Yes, they’re among my favorite things!

There’s something such fun about seeing your book in a foreign edition, and I’m happy to say that Erwachen (aka Tainted (THE BLOOD LILY CHRONICLES)
is out in Germany this month, and I got my German editions in the mail yesterday! How fun is that. And isn’t the cover cool?

I just wish I could read it!

In other news, turned in the copyedits for Shadow Keepers: Midnight today, and I was so happy with the way the story turned out! It’s Caris and Tiberius’s story–and it’s a historical; that’s a new one for me, folks. It’s coming this summer!

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