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The Neptune/Austin Throwdown

Years late (as usual) I’ve become a huge fan of Veronica Mars – and am extremely bummed that it was canceled before I was ready for it to be over, thank you very much. Yes, it’s all about me. While Season 3 was nowhere near as strong as 1 or 2, it was still entertaining, started to hit its stride near the end, and had some good threads developing. And then…nada.

I’d love me some Veronica Mars YA novels. Actually, I’d love to be the writer of some Veronica Mars YA novels, I’m that much a fan of the show! (And didn’t Rob Thomas start out writing YA novels…I know he wrote Rats Saw God, which was also the name of a VM episode…but was that pre- or post-? Hmmm).

Anyway, I digress from the point that I haven’t even gotten to in the first place, and that is how much fun watching a show with little inside references (that you and a few other folks, mostly Austinites) get. And, yes, after hearing them, I wiki’d Rob Thomas and, sure enough, he’s from Austin.

How did I know? Oil Can Harry’s. The Boathouse. Amy’s Ice Cream (yes, it *is* the best). Liberty Lunch (we miss you, LL….even if you were too crowded every time I went.)

In other words, Neptune, California is really Austin, Texas. How cool is that?

Now if someone would just point me to the beach…..

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