New release and a free read! - J. Kenner

New release and a free read!

Lots of cool stuff. First and foremost, THOSE WHO FIGHT MONSTERS IS OUT! Get your hot off the press copy! From the B&N SciFi and Fantasy Blog:

Revolving around the theme of occult detectives, the 14 stories included within feature beloved heroes and heroines from some of the most popular paranormal fantasy series on the shelves: private investigator John Taylor from Simon R. Green’s Nightside novels, Lilith Saintcrow’s bullwhip-wielding hellbreed hunter Jill Kismet, Julie Kenner’s demon-hunting soccer mom Kate Connor, and Petunia “Pete” Caldecott from Caitlin Kittredge’s Black London saga, to name just a few…

…Kenner’s “The Demon You Know…” is a cautionary tale for all rebellious teenagers – pitting Connor and her 14-year old daughter Allie against someone (or something) who spiked party punch with something much more dangerous than alcohol.

And a nice review from All Things Urban Fantasy: “This was my first foray into this series and I found the mother daughter relationship to be a refreshing changeup from the normal UF relationships. A fun, smart story that manages to convey a lot of series/world building info while still delivering a satisfying story.” Yay!

I’m relatively new to the short story format, but I had a BLAST writing this. I’m thinking there are more Kate and Allie stories in my (and your) future!

And I’m starting a new project…writing an ongoing story with my nine year old daughter. We were going to do it on our own and then surprise her dad when it was done (and if you know her dad, don’t mention it to him, okay? Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll miss this post so we can present him with the whole thing once it’s done). But then we decided it would be fun to Post-As-We-Go. Because, honestly, when you’re nine, doing all that pesky research and plotting ahead of time is just no fun. So we’re going with it.

We’ve got the first two chapters up right now, and we’ll post new content at least once a week. Enjoy…and please feel free to leave comments! You can check it out here or click on the Hour of the Dragon link in the lefthand side bar.

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