Boy, this site is quiet... - J. Kenner

Boy, this site is quiet…

Okay folks, sorry about the quiet. Hubby’s home for summer, I’m on deadline, and yada yada yada.

But things are coming:

* Catherine and I will post another chapter of Hour of the Dragon soon!
* News coming from Julie Kenner soon (hint: think Kate and demon hunting soccer moms, and Beth and vampires!)
* Big news coming from J.K. Beck….got some AWESOME covers for the next three Shadow Keepers books that I’ll post super soon, and the Shadow Keepers ebook (a prequel to WHEN PASSION LIES) goes on sale in just a few months!

There’s more, but that’s it for now. I’ll be out of my summer slump around mid-August, so things will pick up around here then!


Lynn Harvey

OMG!!!!! MORE KATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JULIE YOU ROCK!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to read more from the adventures of the wonderful Kate and company 😀 You made a cruddy week AMAZING!!!!!

Monica W

More Kate?! Can’t Wait!! And *really* looking forward for more news from the film front 🙂


Thanks Monica!!! Yupper! I’m gonna post the PAX DEMONICA cover next week just to tease folks 🙂


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