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Big A** Breakfast

The other day, some friends were giving me grief about my huge weekday breakfasts. I’d mentioned that I accidentally left the broiler on all day, and they naturally asked what the heck I was broiling at 5:45am. My reply? The top of an omelette (it’s hard getting an omelette thoroughly cooked without burning the bottom!). It was the cream cheese and langostino lobster tail omelete I’ve blogged about before here. (and in case you don’t want to pop over, here’s a picture….YUM.)

That led to amazed looks and queries–didn’t I know that omelettes were a weekend thing, not a Wednesday morning thing?

Um, they are?

Not in my house!

And, just to prove that point, today’s breakfast was about a pound of ground beef browned with sauteed mushrooms and onions. Then poured over that was seven scrambled eggs. All cooked together to make a fritatta, then topped with sliced avocado. (No picture, but it looked as yummy as it tasted). Split between me and the husband…and it was absolutely delicious, and has the added (or, really, the primary) benefit of filling me up for a long, long time.

I love big breakfasts!

How about you? Are you a breakfast person?


Paula Johnson

I am with you on big breakfasts. When I need to get a lot of work done, I make a serious omelette. Or I zip out for a stellar 3-egg breakfast burrito from a local place. It’s eggs, hash browns, cheese and salsa verde swaddled in a flour tortilla. Either way, lunch can be a carton of yogurt or a piece of fruit, and I can keep working.


Argh! Paula, somehow I missed this. Yes, that’s what I love most about a big breakfast…it holds me through the day!

SJ Driscoll

Julie, this sounded so scrumptious that I’m eating a scaled-down version for breakfast right now: a fritatta of one sirloin patty and onion with one egg, and spinach substituted for mushrooms. Excellent!


Yum! We had sirloin this am, too. Sirloin steak and eggs. Delish Sunday pre-ice-skating breakie!

Ellen Gregory

Yum! Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and nothing beats eggs – although I confess this does tend to be a weekend thing for me, in a cafe. Pre-work cooking is not really my thing…


Yeah, that’s what DH has me for. I cook for both of us. I work, but since I work at home, I usually don’t bother getting dressed unless it’s one of those annoying days during which I have to go out. Such a pain 🙂


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