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Creating a hashtag column in HootSuite

This is a technical post for the benefit of my fellow students in Kristen Lamb’s social media class (which, by the way, I’m highly recommending!), but obviously I hope that anyone who’s lost in Hoot Suite (an app that I absolutely love) will find this helpful.

Several folks have posted on twitter and on our class loop about being unable to find their class tweets, which have a #wana112 hashtag. It can be confusing. Rather than try to set out instructions, I thought a visual would be helpful. So here’s a video I did to, hopefully, help some of y’all navigate the waters of HootSuite. It seems choppy and full of scary riptides, but I promise once you get in past your toes, the water’s fine!



It’s a program called Screenium. I’m totally Mac, so I don’t know if there’s a Windows version, but you can get the Mac version through the App store. It’s not terribly expensive, and does a great job. And is super easy to use!


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