Forget "Hi, Bob!" - my kids inspire my own drinking games... - J. Kenner

Forget "Hi, Bob!" – my kids inspire my own drinking games…

Do you remember “Hi, Bob?” It was popular when I was in college, back when reruns of the Bob Newhart show would frequently play about the time that Happy Hour (or after-hours) was kicking off in various bars near campus, or at home where students were kicking back, ignoring the fact that there were essays to write, books to read, things to learn.

Hard to avoid the lure of “Hi, Bob!” The rules were simple: every time someone on the show said (you guessed it) “Hi, Bob,” the folks watching drank a shot. In my world, it was a shot of Tequila, but really anything would do.

Life goes on, and shows go off the air, and “Hi, Bob!” is no longer part of my life (thankfully, neither are drinking binges, which were usually followed by ice cream binges, which were usually followed by the need to buy new jeans as the alcohol and ice cream went straight to my thighs…but that’s the subject of another blog).

Fast forward to now. I’m a mom…and yet (or maybe “and therefore???”) I find myself compelled to remember my old drinking game. Motivated even to invent my own. Motivated by….da da da DUM…my kids.

Yes, folks, that’s right. You can use your own children’s idiosyncrisies to get well and truly wasted. In fact, I’d bet a Venti Nonfat Latte that you’d do more shots playing my game than “Hi, Bob!”

What is the game? It’s called, “I forgot.”

“Daughter dear, did you take out the trash like I asked?” “Oh. I forgot.”

“Daughter dear, did you clear your place?” “Oh. I forgot.”

“Daughter dear, did you do your math?” “Oh. I forgot.”

“Daughter dear, did you bring your purse?” “Oh. I forgot. (Will you buy me X?)”

“Daughter dear, …” Well, you get the picture. Just pop back a shot every time the kid says, “Oh. I forgot.” (And let’s not even get started on the “Can I have candy?” game inspired by the other daughter….)

So to all the local college students, the party’s at my house! But bring your own Tequila. These days, I’m a wine drinker.

How about y’all? Has your life inspired any drinking games? Wanna vent about your kids? About college? About the inability to tolerate tequila once you pass college age?

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April Plummer

Hmmm….honestly? Not that I can remember. I’ve never heard of “Hi, Bob!” in my life! LOL I do wish I could still stay up all night, drinking and partying, and still get up at 8 the next day. No more. I’m in bed by 11 at the latest, and mornings are still a drag (although I get up pretty early, and I’ve never been a morning person)


Isn’t it pathetic? I used to be soooo the night owl. I made a conscious effort to switch over, though, and now there’s no going back. And one drink, and I’m completely under the table! (And, no, you’re not making me feel old at all by not knowing about Hi Bob! Really, you’re not…)

Liv Rancourt

April, I think you must be a bit younger than some of us. ;) And around my house, the drinking game would involve the number of minutes my youngest needs before he can turn off the computer.
“Just three more minute, Mom.”
Can Mom drink a beer in that time?
Thanks, Julie. Great post.


I know Alabama, but don’t know that song–will have to hop over to iTunes (I bet I recognize it), but I have to say that I LOVE the cat image on your shoulder in your avatar!

Sara Walpert Foster

Guess I’m older than your other commenters. I, too, played far too many rounds of “Hi Bob” in college and beyond. I love your children-inspired drinking game although as they get older (mine are teenagers), I might change it to “Can you take me to my friend’s house” “Why can’t I go to that party” and “Yes. I finished my homework.” But now it would definitely have to be a “sip” of wine each time the phrase is uttered.

Barbara Forte Abate

Just kids? How about husbands [oh, yeah okay, Wives, too]! Although in place of “I forgot,” it would just be a shot for every time you ask a question and they respond with a BLANK STARE :-)

Sherry Isaac

I have four kids and am so glad this post comes when youngest is in residence. If I knew about this game a few years ago, I’d be in rehab!

I forgot. Huh? Blank stares. Yikes.

Sharon Clare

Oh man, with my three kids, I’d be on the floor by noon latest.

What a hoot though. Maybe a shot would help lower the bloodpressure everytime we hear those words. Save the heart, sacrifice the liver? Kids, are you listening???


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