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Simon Says Saturday

Because it’s Saturday, I thought I’d share one of my favorite videos — the first Simon’s Cat video I ever saw. I love these!!


Liv Rancourt

Heh. Our cat did the ‘stand outside the bedroom door and chirp every ten seconds till they get up’ thing this morning. The only reason she wasn’t in there tugging on our ears was that my husband keeps the door shut.

Linda Adams

We had a Siamese who would come in and sit on my face. And he had the “I’m hungry” purr, which was a whole lot louder than his happy one. One time he got angry (we had gotten a dog), so he used the computer paper box as a litter box. He knew exactly what to do to get at everyone!


Yes! We’ve had cats like that…..thankfully not too often, but one of our cats used to, ah, poop on the bedspread when she was annoyed with us. Fortunately, we figured out quickly what she was annoyed about!

Tami Clayton

This reminds me of a cat we had who used to do 2 things to wake us up: first, he would scale the outside of our dresser, cling to the top drawer and rock back and forth until he opened it. He would then reach inside to steal our socks, but only the wool ones, and deposit them next to his empty food bowl. (I presumed they were his hostages.) Then he would jump up on the nightstand and take a flying leap onto my husband’s chest, landing with a significant thump. To say he was a persistant cat would be an understatement.


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