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Whining about my sordid past…

Am I on the set of a movie...or panhandling?
I’m blogging about my sordid past over at the Whine Sisters today!

I’ve been doing a lot of rearranging in my garage these days, and in the process, I came across the picture to the left. That’s me back during my freshman year in college.

Lest you jump to the same conclusion as my poor, put upon father, let me explain:

I started out as a journalism major, but switched to film after I worked on a local production called Splatter, featuring some of the stars of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

I was working nights for the film, going to school in the morning, and doing my work-study job in the afternoons. I was averaging about 5 minutes sleep a night.

The basic premise was the frat boys versus the genetic mutants, and the movie was eventually released as Future Kill.

You can still rent it, and it has truly awesome poster art done by none other than Giger (think Aliens).

Love the cover!

Anyhoo, I saw an ad for auditions for cast members, and I went down and told them that what I really wanted was to be on the crew.

They “hired” me (as in let me work for free) but after a few weeks they actually put me on the payroll. I was a PA, a Production Assistant, and it was my job to do just about everything….

Head on over and read more at The Whine Sisters!

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