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Why Does My Foot Stick Out My Butt?

Although this video is about six years old now, it’s a classic in our family. Our little girl, age four when this was shot, on her way to fame. (I should point out that we have no idea how she came up with either the words or the tune…but for the purposes of family amusement, we’re glad she did!)

What do you think? American Idol here we come?


Sara Walpert Foster

Adorable. I literally spit out my coffee on the last line.

How does your now 10 year old like that you put this on the internet?

I’ll probably sing this all day, probably in public. Thanks for that.


Just call me Evil Mommy!

Actually, the other day she asked if we were going to submit it (and her rendition of Stinky Wedge of Cheese) to America’s Funniest Home videos. (We’re not; you have to pull it off the internet!). So I figure that’s inherent consent. As for this specific post? Musta slipped my mind about telling her :)


Oh, and you’re very welcome. Yesterday I was singing Down Doobie Do Down Down all day. Clearly, the foot-butt song is a better choice.


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