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WordPress has the best spam

Normally I'm against killing but this article slaughtered my ignorance ... ah, um, no, I'm thinking it really didn't!
Seriously. I mean, the spam that I get through my various email accounts (penile implants! Nigerian millions!) are nothing–NOTHING–compared with the originality of the spam that gets caught in my WordPress spam filter.

Lest you think I’m joking, let’s take a look at a few random samples, shall we? Like the comment, “If you wrote an article about life we’d all reach enilgthment (sic)” I’m not sure what that is, but I’m pretty sure I don’t want to reach it. Or “If my problem was a Death Star, this article was a pothon torpedo.”

At least they know I’m a Star Wars fan. And a Star Trek fan. But let’s not mix ’em, okay?

And, of course, there’s the ever popular: “I thoghut (sic) I’d have to read a book for a discovery like this!” (All the more ironic since the particular post to which the spam was attached was, you know, about one of my books. Ahem.)

At least the spammers are complimentary. Did you know that my blog has more useful information than the British had colonies pre-WWII? No, really, it’s true! Just ask my friendly spambot!

How about y’all? Got any favorite bits of spam to share?

And, because it’s so very relevant, here’s a clip from Spamalot! (One of my favorite musicals, and David Hyde Pierce is amazing!)


Linda Adams

I liked the one that came from “Kinsey Milhone.” I most often get poorly worded ones offering vague praises while linking to questionable sites, or telling me that my page wasn’t properly optimized for a search engine. There was also one that told me that my post was of no help at all, with the required link to places unknown.


I’m jealous! I’m a fan and Kinsey’s never commented on my site, LOL! Love the spam that says your site isn’t helpful … Like that’s going to encourage you to follow the link!!

Traci Douglass

I get a lot of posts telling me I could make TONS of money with my blog and they’ll tell me how if I just go to their site. And keep it quite, of course. That’s some top secret stuff right there. LOL! Either that or ones that sound like they’ve come from a shady South American spambot. Odd. 🙂


I’m always tempted to follow those and try to reel them in for a while, making them think they’ve landed a sucker. But I’ve never been bold enough!


I don’t have any specific examples right now (I delete all my spam regularly), but I do know there have been one or two times that the only reason I knew it was spam was the fake email address and the website they tried to link to. Some spammers are getting quite sophisticated!


Yes, they really are! If I’m not sure, I let the comment go through, but remove the email and website 🙂 Bwahahahahahahaha


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