Friday Fun – YouTube Videos that Amuse me

Having a bit of a lazy day, so thought I’d share some of these fun videos!

Who doesn’t love a good zombie song?

And, of course, the Muppets doing Bohemian Rhapsody….(in case you missed my other recent post!)

Or this one man show of the same….

This is one of my favorite comedy routines. (It has to go to SPACE! ha!)

And this one I saw yesterday at Myndi Shafer’s blog about homeschooling cracked me up!

And, of course, a Simon’s Cat video!


Tami Clayton

I love the Conan clip! I am so glad you put that up because I was thinking about it the other day and could not remember where I had seen it before or who was even in it. That just made my day! Thanks!


That is one of my favorite comedy routines. It’s so funny b/c it’s sooooooooooo true!!


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