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Getting back in the saddle

I’ve been a bit absent from the cyber-verse for a few weeks, which sucks as I was really getting into an online groove and I miss my blog and Twitter and Facebook peeps!

Life–and death–sometimes, gets in the way, and I’ve been taking a bit of family and recuperation time after some illness and a recent family loss. But as the headline says, I’m now getting back in the saddle.

Coming later today or tomorrow am: My thoughts on The Hunger Games movie. Let’s just say that it didn’t satisfy my hunger.

More soon….



Welcome back though I’m sorry about what kept you away. I’m glad to hear someone else say what I’m feeling about the Hunger Games. I look forward to reading your review.


Thanks, Jodi! I’m plowing through the stuff. Soon, I think I may actually be able to see my office floor, LOL

Tami Clayton

Glad you’re back, Julie! Missed having you around the blogosphere. Looking forward to your Hunger Games thoughts. I’m going to go see it tonight!

Cora Ramos

Wondered why you were so quiet lately. Sorry for the family illness and loss. Glad you are back-take your time and don’t push it, we’ll wait.


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