How does YOUR garden grow? - J. Kenner

How does YOUR garden grow?

My front yard!
I aspire to have a lovely yard. Overflowing with exotic plants, wild vines, tons of color.

I aspire, but I fail.

Before we moved last year to suburbia, we had a yard with a “forest” — it was mostly green, but definitely satisfied the wild factor. When we moved here, we moved to the land of no trees — who knew that the wind really does sweep down the plains without that tree break we had at our old house less than two miles away?

We installed sod and left a foot around the fence for the space where I, with the best of intentions, intended to plant lots of pretty stuff.

And then life got busy.

Last year, it wasn’t too bad. Yes, the edges stayed raw, but I planted veggies and mowed the grass. Then winter came, and the yard went to pot. (I have managed to keep the front yard in control, but the back stays hidden behind closed gates!)

Here’s the view off my back patio — crazy, huh? The chair was knocked over in last night’s wind. I’ve picked it up and restored it, though I’m not sure why…yesterday I found our umbrella in the neighbor’s yard. Mary Poppins, much?

My goal for this little corner is a raised bed with strawberries. In the trough in the back, some sort of veggies. (I’ve already planted some veggies! Here’s tomatoes and squash!)

grow, little veggies, grow!

Of course, the biggest challenge is the boule’s court. Yes, I said boules court–the one my husband wanted, but we’ve never played on. I’ll weed it and add crushed granite this year…and if it doesn’t get played on this year, well, it’s getting turned into a cactus garden!

Behind the court, I have an herb garden started. In the picture, you can see mint, chives, thyme and, um, weeds. I’m getting to the weeds soon!

Sort of an herb garden

So, why am I posting this pics of my incredibly embarrassing yard? Am I a masochist? No! (well, maybe). It’s called motivation. Consider these “before”…in a few weeks, I’ll post “after.” Hopefully, it’ll be one hell of an improvement!

How do you feel about gardens? Lawncare? Do you grow your own veggies? Any tips for a novice?


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