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Would You Survive The Hunger Games?

I’ve been re-watching Lost lately (I think I mentioned that in a recent blog post), and it’s a lot of fun. But there’s one big problem, and it’s the same problem I run across as I read The Hunger Games with my eldest kiddo (we need to finish this week in time to see the MOVIE!) and even whenever I re-read Outlander.

So what’s the problem?

All of these shows/books (and so many others) make me realize that if I were dumped on a desert island, tossed into a kill-or-be-killed game, or thrust back into time, I would quickly be a goner.


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Julie Farrar

Read your post and realized I have none of those skills. I guess the best I can do is get in better shape so I can run away from danger or climb a tree to escape it. However, I could probably pen a really great message in a bottle asking for rescue.


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