Butt that's so inappropriate! - J. Kenner

Butt that's so inappropriate!

As I mentioned on Friday, my little one just had surgery. Perhaps it was the codeine. Perhaps it was the kid. Frankly, I’m thinking the kid.

Another episode of Heard at Our House:
The television is tuned to Real Housewives of Orange County. The PARENTS sit on the couch, watching the train wreck that is RHOC.

ISABELLA enters, wearing a nightgown.

Can I watch?

(pausing the show)
Sorry, sweetie. It’s inappropriate.

Isabella makes a face. Stands between Parents and the television.

THAT’S not inappropriate!
(she whips down her underwear, bends over, and moons the parents)
THIS is inappropriate!

Ah, good times. I won’t mention the “inappropriate dance” that came later.

Thanks so much to everyone who made yesterday’s Release Day for WHEN PASSION LIES so much fun!

And more release week goodness today! I’ll be guest blogging over at Paranormal Haven today! Come say hi!

If you missed the newsletter I recently sent out, you can read it here. Lots of cool stuff coming this summer!

So, how about you? Feel like sharing your kids’ embarrassing stories? Come on now, don’t be shy. Let’s not leave my poor kid’s, ah, rear, hanging out there all by its lonesome!


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