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Stupid Kid Tricks-fun times in mommyland

Last night, I was sitting reading at my eldest spawn’s Glee Club practice. Break time comes, and all the kids come bursting out, followed by the teacher. Nothing out of the ordinary there, right?

But then the teacher looks at me, points to the Spawn, and says, “Has she ever done the eye thing for you? We were all totally freaking out!” — at which point all the little girls (the spawn is 10), start to giggle and snort and point and laugh.

I have to admit that, yes, I’ve seen the eye thing. How she does it, I don’t know, but the spawn can look at something and make her eyes vibrate. Yes, vibrate.

It. Is. The. Freakiest. Thing.

And she doesn’t know how she does it (as an aside, we spent a couple of grand on vision training, so I have doubts that this talent is a good thing).

Yes, this is how my child amuses her friends.

But the really cool thing (says the wannabe techno geek) is that I can’t capture this phenomenon on video. I guess she vibrates at the exact frame/second rate!

Ah, kids. Good times. Good times…..

Got stupid kid tricks? I’d love to hear about it!


Louisa Bacio

Not a stupid kid trick, yet, but she’s trying. My oldest is 9 and watches Castle with me. If you saw the trailer preview for Avengers recently. Nathan F. did a trick where he moved his hair back and forth. It looks so creepy. Now, daughter is practicing to move her scalp. That sounds so *wrong*


OMG, now I have to go see if I can find the hair trick on YouTube or something!

Tammy Hagaman

My child doesn’t have any particular trick, per se, other than being way smarter than her mom. I just decided to check out your site because I haven’t been here in a while. Can’t believe that your “Spawn” is 10! I remember you blogging about her when she was a baby!!! Wow, that means time has flown!


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