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Today is Bossing Day!

Are you all ready to celebrate in the joy that is Bossing Day, the newest Hallmark holiday to hit the shelves.  Wait.  What????

Ah, never mind.  The little elves have informed me that Bossing Day is not an international, national, state or even local holiday.  Apparently it’s limited to my house only.

Yes, that’s right. Today at the Kenner residence, the kids are taking over. It’s called Bossing Day because, you guessed it, today my kids get to boss mommy! (First thing mommy is going to do? Let them sleep in however long they want. Ha! Freedom!)

How did this amazingness happen? Last week, in a fit of project-mania, the girls took a tri-fold presentation board and worked out a presentation of everything they wanted: More screen time (shot that one down). No school during the summer (ah, no, sorry but doing some school during the summer gives us flexibility during the year; trust mom, it’s better this way). Bossing Day, wherein the kids are the boss and they can have, as they specifically mentioned, ice cream for lunch. That one I agreed to. How bad can it be?

Actually, knowing my kids and their little imaginations, this may have been a mistake. Thus the sleeping in. They can’t boss if they’re not awake. Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Today’s Tip of the Day – If you need to squeeze in some extra work leftover from the weekend, give your kids a Bossing Day. Chances are they’ll want to play the Wii all day and you can get caught up guilt free!. I hope… I hope …

I’ll update my status throughout the day (see the sidebar thingie on the left and Twitter/Facebook). I’m sure you are all on pins and needles to know how Bossing Day progresses. Aren’t you? Aren’t you…..??????



It has, so far, been remarkably easy. I’ve just been informed that the ice cream lunch will be in 45 minutes, though….


You are a brave woman! I wouldn’t trust the evilly inventive imaginations of my three on Bossing Day. 😀


mine are remarkably evilly inventive…but they’ve been quite reserved today!


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