You want to do *what* with the evil men? - Julie Kenner/J.K. Beck

You want to do *what* with the evil men?

Dr. Evil ... the head honcho evil manSo there I am working diligently in my office the other night.

Pitter pat, pitter pat (enter the Youngest, stage left)

Youngest: Can I get on Club Penguin?

Me (glancing at clock. It’s after 10. WTF is the kid doing up at this hour anyway??): Uh, that would be a no.

Youngest: Please, please, please.

Me: No. Tomorrow. After school.

Youngest (with big, pleading eyes): But the evil men party starts tonight. I want to go to the evil men party!

Me: ??!!???
(brow furrows in confusion
Mommy worry rises … could this Club Penguin thing have been a mistake??)

Me: Uh, Evil Men?

Youngest (with MAJOR roll of eyes): No! You know! Where we wear fancy dresses, like when there was the man who was the tree.

Me (frantically trying to process this new information…man who was a tree? Ah ha! Success! Sherwood Faire!): Not “Evil Men,” sweetie. It’s Medieval.

Youngest (gives up after three attempts to pronounce it).

Me: Just say Middle Ages.

Youngest (victorious!): Middle Ages. So I can I go?

Me: Nice try kid. No.

(But the truth is I’m thinking that the evil men party sounds worth dropping in on….)

How about you? Any evil men in your life?

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Mike Schulenberg

Being a parent sometimes sounds like it’s not unlike being a super-sleuth. The lines of questioning, the deductive reasoning, the piecing together of clues until the mystery is solved at last…

An enjoyable post 🙂

Tami Clayton

Lol! That sounded like many a conversation that goes on in my house!


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