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Serge's book! Coming in July!
Yay!!! I’m so excited because it’s release day for WHEN DARKNESS HUNGERS, book 5 in the Shadow Keepers series. And, I have to confess, that this book features one of my favorite characters. (I know that, like a mom, you’re not supposed to have a favorite.) Sergius is just so horribly tortured, and his been through so much, that it was a pleasure to finally give him his own book, and a heroine who matches him.

I hope you check it out!

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Colleen McGovern

I read somewhere that your new book “Pax Demonica” was going to be released this summer. Now I can’t find a release date anywhere. Can you tell me, and all of Kate Connor’s fans, the release date? thanks, Colleen


It is! It is! You can’t submit indie books for pre-purchase, so I can’t set a firm release date, but it is going to be later this month (July). (I had originally hoped for June, but I ran into some snags on both the editing/formatting end and the family crisis end, that slowed me down. I’m a newbie at getting up an indie book, so please hang in there with me! I have more books in the series planned and they’ll go more smoothly!). PAX will go up contemporaneously with the re-release of CALIFORNIA DEMON which includes a new cover and bonus content!

Thanks so much for your interest. If you haven’t already please subscribe to the newsletter. I’ll be sending a blast when the book goes up!


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