Release Day! When Temptation Burns - J. Kenner

Release Day! When Temptation Burns

Doyle's book! On sale now!!!!

I’m so excited because today is release day for the sixth Shadow Keepers book, WHEN TEMPTATION BURNS! Here’s the back cover blurb:

Half human, half daemon, Ryan Doyle is a driving force for justice. As an agent for the Preternatural Enforcement Coalition, he’s investigating murders linked to a Los Angeles fringe group bent on exposing the shadow world to humanity. He is a master of self-control, keeping his deepest hungers hidden beneath a veneer of cool professionalism. Until he crosses paths with sinfully sweet Andy Tarrent, a gutsy reporter who makes him crave all the pleasures he’s denied himself for centuries.

Tracking a band of conspiracy theorists eager to spill blood, Andy has uncovered the story of her career. Brooding, mysterious Ryan is an enigma—but their dance of seduction is hotter than any fantasy. As they race to stop mass murder on the streets, Andy knows that Ryan is holding back, keeping secrets. But getting close to Ryan means opening the door to a world that will challenge her deepest beliefs—including what it means to truly surrender to love.

Order WHEN TEMPTATION BURNS from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Random House, or your favorite bookseller.

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