A werewolf walks into a bar...and wins a free book! - J. Kenner

A werewolf walks into a bar…and wins a free book!

Come join me at Romp v. Stomp over at The Book Nympho’s site! I’m going head-to-head with Amanda Carlson, who’s taking the “stomp” end of the equation. Yeah, I’m the “romp” gal!

Here’s a teaser from my entry (an original short read set in the Shadow Keepers world).

A werewolf walks into a bar…

Rachel Payne took the glass of whiskey from the bartender and downed it in one long swallow. She closed her eyes, letting it burn down her throat. Letting its fire spread through her fingers, her toes, every last bit of her. She shifted on the barstool, antsy. She wanted action, something. A fight or a fuck. Frankly, she didn’t much care. Just get her the hell out of this damn bar. Visit the Book Nympho to read more and enter to win a copy of When Blood Calls!



Hope you enjoyed! Right now it’s a short short, but the characters just might work their way into a book!


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