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I had intended to blog today about Apple’s Mountain Lion — the stuff I like so far and the stuff I don’t.

And then I went over to Julia London‘s house last night and watched some of the Olympics. And then I saw this amazing photo of Gabby Douglas, and I just had to change topics.

Look at it. It’s amazing. She’s soaring, pushing herself, reaching for the absolute ultimate best that she can be. And achieving it.

And not just Gabby, but all of the amazing athletes in the Olympics from all the teams, all the countries.

But that picture…wow, that picture really captures it for me.

To me, though, that picture isn’t only about what Gabby can do. It’s about what we all can do. About striving and reaching for our best in whatever it is we’re doing. Work, job, home, relationships, hobby, craft. It’s about achieving, and that amazing feeling of exaltation when you know that you’re operating at your highest capacity.

So this is to everyone out there. Don’t just reach for the stars. Be the star.

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