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Facebook, I *almost* love you

Facebook is the Devil
Yes, Facebook is the Devil...
Those who’ve followed me across cyberspace for awhile know that I’ve had a love/hate relationship going with Facebook. I love how it allows you to connect with people, especially with readers! Getting snail mail is awesome, but nothing beats quick connections.

But I’ve had my issues. The 5000 friend limit is just a pain. The “Hey, you’re in a group!” thing is just weird. The fact that you cannot get a simple list of people to manage, but instead must sllooooooowwwwwlllyyyy pull up individual names is a pain in the tush. (Have ya tried creating lists with 4977 friends? It’s unmanageable!).

Until I finally got hip to the whole smart phone thing (and the fact that I could push notices to my email) I never saw FB messages. And the profile/page thing can be a pain. Not to mention the fact that you can’t do certain things as a “Page” but it’s JulieKennerTheAuthor that I want to have doing the action, not JulieKennerThe Gal.

And yet … and yet … we’re becoming closer, Facebook and I. We’re learning each other’s quirks, testing each other’s limits.

One thing I recently discovered is that you can schedule posts straight from Facebook! (Alas, you can’t do it from the “share” screen. Apparently, “sharing” is a Right Now kinda thing according to the Gods of Facebook).

Granted, this is only somewhat cool since I have Hootsuite, but it is nice if you’re uploading a video, as Hootsuite doesn’t let you do that. (I recently uploaded a video of myself and my kids transformed into space aliens at http://www.facebook.com/juliekennerbooks — don’t ask me why. It was just one of those moments. And I used the scheduler.)

I had No. Idea. You. Could. Do That. And I figure there are probably, oh, at least two people out there who are clueless like me.

So here’s the How To Schedule A Post On Facebook tutorial.

  1. Open your Facebook page or profile and start typing in the status box (or snag a picture or upload a video). In the lower left corner of the box, you’ll see a little clock-like doohickie. Hover over that (see the pic, below).


  1. Now click that button. You have to fill out the time in an absolutely absurd way (year, month, day, etc. etc.), but once you’re done, you’ll have it scheduled


  1. So just click the Schedule button and voila! You’re good to go!

        4.        If you need to remind yourself when it’s set to post, you can view it through your Activity Log (top of your page or profile, in with all the admin stuff).

Pretty keen, huh?

And be sure to actually, you know, come hang out with me on Facebook!

What are your favorite Facebook tips to share?


S.M. Hutchins

THANK YOU! I am one of those two people who didn’t know I could schedule right from Facebook. So good to know! Also, I’m totally with you on the S.M. Hutchins the writer vs. S.M. Hutchins the gal problem. In case you weren’t aware of this… I’ve recently learned that you can share something you see on your personal timeline to your author page (from your computer- not sure about apps). Click the “Share” button. At the top of the pop-up window is a drop-down menu defaulted to “Share on your own timeline.” Switch that to “Page” then select your author page. So handy!


you are so welcome! cool, isn’t it! and yes, I love the share button, too…wish they’d set it up for the phone :((


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