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I wanna be like George R.R. Martin

I have a new life goal.  I wanna be like George R.R. Martin.  Not because A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 1) was fricking awesome, but because I don’t want to just write books anymore.  No, that is no longer enough for me.

Now I want folks to make up songs about my books, and to kick my ass when I’m not writing fast enough.  Yes, that is my new goal in life.  I want a YouTube video.  Watch this spot, folks.   As soon as I’ve made it, you’ll know it here, first!

(ahem.  Seriously, this video is an absolute hoot.  Even though, in the interest of full disclosure, I have to confess I’ve only read Book 1)

(My favorite line … the bit about Star Wars…)

So, what do you say? Any takers out there? Bueller … Bueller …


Emmie Mears

Hahahahaha, this was brilliant.

I hope people someday cosplay to my books and put it on YouTube. With music. That would be pretty, pretty, pretty awesome.

Steven R. Brandt

Dashing through through the pages, in a soccer-mom van we ride, over the hills we go, Kate Conner by our side. What fun it is to laugh and sing a slaying song tonight!

Please write another Kate Conner book. Sorry if I didn’t make this into a youtube video. 🙂


OMG OMG OMG that is Too Too Too funny! I may have to record that one.

And you know I’ve got one in the works, right? PAX DEMONICA, book 6, coming soon !!!


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