Let's talk proposals ... marriage proposals, that is! - J. Kenner

Let's talk proposals … marriage proposals, that is!

Considering there are 23 million hits, I may be the last one to the party, but this made me tear up!

I love You Tube. I mean, I was looking for a video of Fred Astaire and ended up here!

Years ago, I helped a friend splice his wedding proposal into Casablanca (Mike, are you out there?). I thought he was very clever. But this one definitely steps up the game, LOL!

What’s your favorite proposal story?


Carmela Reffitt

Whoa, that was one kind of a proposal!

I personally haven’t seen this one, so thank you so much for sharing!

My favorite proposal on Youtube was the one with the mobs. For me, that’s the most heartwarming proposal ever!

Nice post by the way. Will watch out for more.


Oh, I think I’ve seen that one! The “I think I wanna marry you” flash mob? Glad you enjoyed the post! Hope to see you back here!


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