The Kate Connor Demon Slaying Song! - J. Kenner

The Kate Connor Demon Slaying Song!

Thanks to Steven Brandt for most of these lyrics and the inspiration. Guess I can’t whine about not being George R.R. anymore, huh. (hahahaha).

And thanks to my daughter Catherine for performing the vocals! (no thanks to Photo Booth, because the sound isn’t synced, but what the heck).

Anyway, this amused me!

The lyrics, if you’d like to sing along!

Dashing through the pages
In a soccer mom van we ride
over the hills we go
Kate Connor by our side
She slays the demons dead
Then tucks the kids in bed
What fun it is to laugh and sing a slaying song tonight

Oh, dead demons, dead demons, let’s kill demons and their friends
Don’t be shy, just stab ’em in the eye and then do it again!

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