New York Lust - J. Kenner

New York Lust

I love New York City, but after spending the last few days there I have to say that it’s good I don’t live there. I would get NO work done! Honestly, there’s so much to do, so much to soak up! It’s a creative bolus…but how can I stop looking and start writing??

I think I’d spend all my time walking around looking at things. Just walking down Madison Avenue from Times Square completely captured my imagination.

I could live at beach and write massive amounts of pages … But a vibrant city? Man, that’s a hard one!!!

What’s your favorite city? Any place you’d love to live? Any place that raises your creativity? That drains it??




Oh, that will be awesome!!! If you ice skate, be sure to go to Rockefeller Center. I took the girls and they LOVED it! (I did, too!)


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