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Dark Shadows … from the beginning!

Dark Shadows DVD Box - a cool coffin with Barnabus
The kids will be in college before we get through all the discs in here!
Bought the kids and husband the entire Dark Shadows DVD collection (comes in a cool coffin-shaped box!) and we’ve started watching from Episode 1. Loving it!!! So much fun how it was made on the cheap and mistakes aren’t fixed. Loving the story lines and the mystery. Trying hard to hold back on going to Wiki to see what connection Victoria Winters does have to the Collins family (I’m sure there must be one!)

Don’t tell me!

The kids are loving it, too, even though they were already watching the Barnabus episodes on Netflix. About a hundred episodes to go before we get there. We haven’t even finished disc 1 yet!

No spoilers, please … but I’m curious: Are you a Dark Shadows fan? Did you see the movie? (I haven’t and don’t think I will …)



Now that’s a DVD collection I must get! A Christmas present, maybe?
Thanks for the tip–I never know what to tell the kids when they ask me what I want.

Barbara E Brink (@BarbaraEBrink)

I grew up with Dark Shadows! Got off the bus after school, ran across the field and jumped in front of the black and white tv for some thrills and chills. I loved monsters. My younger brother watched with me but always hid his face when the werewolf came out during a full moon. We thought it was scary back then, but compared to the stuff now, I’m sure it seems pretty tame:)


So far, it’s just gothic-y (of course, we watched a few Barnabus episodes first, so the kids know what’s coming!). They’d also netflix’d the early discs, so they tell me there’s a ghost. My little one hates anything scare, so it’s the perfect temperature for her!


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