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Demystifying Goodreads … and more! Coming soon …

Just a quick post today to let you all know that I’m going to start a series of posts on demystifying the social media things that are in my writerly world. I’ll be starting with Goodreads. I’ve had an author page there for a while, but I’ve never utilized it fully and to be honest, despite the fact that most things on the web don’t baffle me, Goodreads overwhelms me. So I’m facing it this weekend, setting up my J. Kenner page, and learning the ropes.

I’m going to keep a record of what I figure out and post it here!

I know I’m not alone, since when Goodreads came up at the NINC conference I just returned from, most of the authors sitting near me started to murmur similar comments about how we’re basically clueless. Which is a shame because it’s a pretty cool site, and I want to “get it”.

Wish me luck!

And don’t forget that The Cat’s Fancy is still on sale for Halloween from Nook and Kindle … and I’ve “stealth” posted Aphrodite’s Kiss on Kindle and Smashwords (Nook coming soon) and Aphrodite’s Passion for Kindle and Smashwords and Nook! The rest of the series is coming soon (along with an official “on sale” announcement)!


Kendra Mareva

Cool! I’ve heard quite a bit about Goodreads, but never checked it out. Looking forward to your demystification. 🙂


Oh please hurry–Goodreads is so hard and so much is hidden and oh yes please make your map soon and thanks!


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