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Got a Nook? Get a deal!

USA Today bestselling Aphrodite’s Kiss currently free for the Nook!  (and for the iBook, too!)

Cover for Aphrodite's KissHere’s a peek …

Zoe Smith stared at the chocolate bar, wondering if it was going to attack. She’d confiscated it an hour ago from one of the students, who knew better than to bring food into the library, and she’d been contemplating the dastardly thing ever since. It looked innocent enough—sitting there on her desk surrounded by children’s book catalogs, order forms, and manila folders.

Zoe knew better.

That smooth, creamy milk chocolate mixed with chewy caramel had it in for her.

One bite, and Riverdance would begin tap-tapping away inside her mouth. Two bites, and her head would start spinning while smoke came out of her ears. Three bites, and those urban legends about spontaneous human combustion wouldn’t be legend anymore. Her whole life, Zoe’d had to watch what she ate. Too spicy, too tangy, too anything and she’d be jumping up and down, trying to put out a fire on her tongue or otherwise calm her taste buds.  Read More from Aphrodite’s Kiss or learn about the while series here

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