Haiku to you, too! - J. Kenner

Haiku to you, too!

Hippo clip art
Ah, Hippo! You inspire me!

When I was in elementary school, we studied poetry, like most kids do. And we had to write a Haiku, like most kids do.

I still remember mine (prepare to be astounded):

Why do you like gooey mud
So brown and sticky?

Catchy, eh?

And on a similarly random note: When my oldest was a baby (as in, doing the baby babble thing), she used to say “Me-no-me”. D and I planned to catch her at that exact moment between babble and words and have her translate for us. We failed.

But to this day we all remember “Me-no-me” … though we don’t know what it means!

How about you? What nuggets from your childhood do you still remember?

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