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More Popcorn Please

Why, yes, I did just order a new Stir Crazy 6 qt popcorn popper. Why, no, the one we currently own works fine. We just want to be prepared for a popcorn emergency. And, um, we want to be able to pig out on popcorn without having to transfer the popcorn to another bowl and then wait An. Entire. Three. Minutes. for another batch to pop.

(Yes, I am shamed. Shamed by popcorn …)

And, seriously, this puppy makes AMAZING popcorn. Just saying…



your link took me to the main amazon page, but if you’re talking about the Whirleypop type thing, alas, yes, it is. I was a huge whileypop gal for a while, but this. popcorn. is. amazing. So much so that I really should just get an airpopper so I wont eat so much!

Sandy Lion

I have owned this popcorn maker for years and am happy to say- sated in my popcorn needs as an individual and family. Its amazing!


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