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Scrivener – awesome tool, fabulous tutorial!

Two Scrivener computer screens
Yeah, I love Scrivener THAT much…

I’ve sung the praises of Scrivener before on this blog, but since it really is my go-to writing tool (and since I currently have copies open and running on both of the computers on my desk — the Macbook Air and the iMac), I thought a little Saturday Scrivener love was in order.

I ran across this great video tutorial. For anyone who is on the fence, give it a look. And then try the software. If you’re like me, you’ll love it!

Do you use Scrivener? Thinking about trying it? If you’re a writer, what’s your go-to, can’t-live-without writing tool?


Cheri Williams

I LOVE Scrivener. Keeps me organized, all my pics and research visible and somehow manages to give me courage to do things I wouldn’t otherwise./ Thanks for sharing, Julie!

Kendra Mareva

I absolutely LOVE Scrivener. It is easily the best purchase I have made for myself in years. So true what the narrator at the beginning of the tutorial says because when I first got started with Scrivener I was totally overwhelmed with all the possible methods of tackling a project. So many tools! But once I figured out what was most compatible with the way my brain works, it was all good. I’m a big fan of collections and have never used the index cards. One of the dreamiest things for me was being able to put all my research, summaries, and outlines in one place. Fantastico! It really is the bomb.


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