We're off to see the wizard, um, surgeon! At Dell Children's Hospital! - J. Kenner

We're off to see the wizard, um, surgeon! At Dell Children's Hospital!

Isabella at the Cloisters Museum
Hello, cutie! Mom loves ya!

Our darling Isabella is growing up so fast. She’s nine now, and it’s hard to believe we adopted her just over six years ago. Time flies!

When we adopted her at age 3, her palate had not yet been repaired, though her lip had been repaired in China. (Those of you who are new to my blog may not know that our youngest daughter was born with a cleft lip and palate).

She had her palate repaired at age three and a half. And since then, she’s had two lip revisions (you can barely see the scar now!) and tomorrow she’s having one of the biggies. The docs at the cranio-facial clinic at Dell Children’s Medical center will be taking a bit of bone from her hip tomorrow (Wednesday) to graft into the one place the cleft still remains: her upper gumline. This will give her permanent teeth a place to anchor (and improve her speech even more).

It’s amazing how far she’s come. From not being able to articulate any words at all (it’s impossible without a palate) to being completely understandable (except for the odd word here and there).

She’s such a young lady now … not to mention a trooper! A shame she’s the only kid on the planet who doesn’t like milk shakes, because she’s on a liquid diet for the next two weeks. Ugh!

Here she is just a few months ago. (I stealth recorded in Bloomingdales while her big sister was trying on clothes! She’s a doll … and her speech is great!)

And here she is six years ago before the palate repair (this tape is long; we made it for the speech therapist)

Hugs to my darling Isabella! We love you and we’re so proud of you!


Deborah Blake

Wow–what a brave and beautiful daughter you have! I hope everything goes really well at the hospital. It must be incredibly nerve-wracking for you. *hugs*


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