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Walking Dead Question of the Night

So, in Season Two, when they end up at Hershel’s house … how the heck do those folks have electricity?

Yes, these things bug me….


BJ Wanlund

Ya wanna know why? Because sloppy writing sells!! I love the TV show Castle for its writing, and yet EVERY YEAR it seems the Academy for Television Arts & Sciences heaps praise upon praise on shows that have similarly sloppy writing to shows like Walking Dead. Maybe one year we’ll actually have an Emmy award given to a show with GOOD writing… Nah, never gonna happen


I’m actually enjoying the writing. They’ve done a good job of turning what could simply be a gore-fest into some really nice moments, good ensemble back and forth, and some nice twists (the episode we watched today from Season 2 had a moment that surprised me … and I’m no longer easily surprised by much in books or movies).

I do think there’s some sloppiness. The bit at the CDC was wrapped up way too quickly and fell short dramatically. But it was also the last episode of a six episode season and at the time I recall that there was upheaval in the writers’ room.

I’ve been a fan of Darabont since Shawshank Redemption, and I do see his marks on the show (and I much preferred his script for the 4th Raiders movie … too bad it wasn’t made).

Have only seen one episode of Castle — enjoyed it (why wouldn’t I with Nathan Fillion!) but haven’t watched any more. Definitely need to add it to the list.

On the whole, though, I agree with you that many, many gems get overlooked, but I don’t think that’s unique to the Emmy’s.

Still, if you’re right and it is just sloppiness, that’s a bummer. I was hoping they had a generator, they rationed the fuel for when someone was needing surgery/acute care, that kind of thing.


They have generators. You see Hershel gassing one of them up in an episode… I’m not sure which one.

Sonia G Medeiros

I don’t remember seeing them walk up to gennies but I assumed they had gasoline powered generators. I think it’s fairly common for farms to have their own generators.


Yupper, they do! Barry’s right. We saw that episode a couple of nights ago. Last night was the O.M.G. I knew it, I just know it episode. Sad….


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