Billionaire boys and steamy scenes - J. Kenner

Billionaire boys and steamy scenes

J. Kenner Release Me Blog TourI’m over at Book Binge today talking about billionaire heroes in erotic romance novels:

In a lot of erotica, including Release Me, our sexy, swoon-worthy hero has money.  Often lots of money.  And not “lots” as in his retirement account is sweetly on track, but “lots” as in he could fund the retirement of every citizen of a country the size of, oh, Austria.

The other day, someone posed the question to me of why? Why is the billionaire hero popular?  [Read More at Book Binge!]


I’ll be blog-touring through early January, and at each stop, Random House is giving away a copy of Release Me.  So be sure to come by and enter the contest!

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