Final stop on the official Release Me blog tour! Come by and say hi! - J. Kenner

Final stop on the official Release Me blog tour! Come by and say hi!

Lisa's world of books hosts J. Kenner blog tour!I’m over at Lisa’s World of Books for the last stop on the official Release Me blog tour!

I’m talking about milestones and journeys.  Come share yours in the comments, and have one more chance to win a copy of Release Me!



Karen Boml

Picked up my copy of RELEASE ME from my local B&N…..two of my daughters (who each loved the 50 Shades trilogy) immediately noticed the book sitting on my work island and fought over who will be first to borrow my book….sorry, Julie, no extra royalties when we lend our books out, lol…but they are my family…..however, being teachers they will be SURE to highly recommend the book to their teacher friends……as for me, I’m counting the minutes till I get in bed under the warm covers tonight and hopefully finish the book….shame on me, at my age, but honey I’m soooooooo proud of you Julia… could write ANYthing, ANY genre, and they all end up in a special place in my heart…….I brought to book to work yesterday and was reading it in the lunchroom…..course, I got lots of questions and had to write your name and title down for more than a few of my working buddies, lolol……


Karen, you are so, so sweet!!!! Hahaha for shame on you! Age is just a number :) So there! Thanks for spreading the word. You’re awesome!


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