Hump Day Reads: New or Notable Books - January 30

Hump Day Books: New or Notable Reads (January 30 edition)

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Looking for a good book to read to beat  the mid-week doldrums? 

Why not check out these nine new or notable books (this week, there’s a bonus classic!)!  There’s something here for everyone!

Gone with the Wind
This may not be a new book, but it is most definitely notable! I just finished (re)reading Gone With The Wind, and if you haven’t had the pleasure, run–don’t walk–and get yourself a copy. It’s epic, it’s romantic, it’s tragic, it’s fascinating. I love this book. And despite the fact that half the time I want to smack her, I love Scarlett. Watching the movie in a few weeks! Can’t wait!


HEAVEN’S THUNDER — A Colorado Saga
a Colorado Saga – with an emphasis on Colorado’s silent film industry (cameos by Tom Mix, DW Griffith, Mary Pickford, Will Rogers and lots more)
Learn more at

Chey’s Cowboy (Bridleton)
Just released! A brand new contemporary western romance!
Learn more at

A Taste of Reality
feature screenplay novelized!
Learn more here


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