New Young Adult fiction, Doomed, mixes myth and the matrix

A mix of The Matrix and myth, new YA Doomed by Tracy Deebs rocks!

Doomed by Tracy Deebs Young Adult dystopian gamer fiction

I’m so excited that it’s finally release day for the new young adult novel Doomed by Tracy Deebs! I’ve been psyched about this book since I first learned the premise:  a computer age retelling of the Pandora myth with a bit of The Matrix thrown in!

Here’s a description of the book:

Pandora’s just your average teen-glued to her cell phone and laptop, surfing Facebook and e-mailing with her friends-until the day her long-lost father sends her a link to a mysterious site featuring twelve photos of her as a child. Unable to contain her curiosity, Pandora enters the site, where she is prompted to play her favorite virtual-reality game, Zero Day. This unleashes a global computer virus that plunges the whole world into panic: suddenly, there is no Internet. No cell phones. No utilities, traffic lights, hospitals, law enforcement. Pandora teams up with handsome stepbrothers Eli and Theo to enter the virtual world of Zero Day. Simultaneously, she continues to follow the photographs from her childhood in an attempt to beat the game and track down her father-her one key to saving the world as we know it. Part The Matrix, part retelling of the Pandora myth, Doomed has something for gaming fans, dystopian fans, and romance fans alike.

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?The Matrix Keanu Reeves

And I think reviewers agree! Check out the review from  Booknook: “Doomed RIPPED my pants off and left me buck naked, hair blowing in the wind, happy tears streaming down my face. Cards on the freaking table… DOOMED ROCKED MY NERDY GAMER WORLD!! Holy mother of computer hacking sex gods. I was totally unprepared for the epic awesomesauceness of this book.”

Learn more about the book and meet Tracy at the Doomed Facebook Page!

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