Today, life is an octopus - J. Kenner

Today, life is an octopus

Octopus image by Paweł Zawistowski from stock.xchngYup, today is an octopus kinda day.  Actually, more like eight octopuses* because eight writhing tentacles just isn’t enough to describe the kind of wild, all-over-the-place kind of day I have facing me.

What’s on my plate?  Let’s look, shall we?

  • writing (duh! but I need to hit a certain minimum page count in order to ensure end-of-the-month sanity);
  • laundry (because the good folks of my home town look askance when one sends their kid to school naked);
  • grocery shopping (because despite the fact that I gained 5 pounds over the holidays, I must still eat and feed my children–they’re very demanding that way);
  • bills (because I didn’t finish yesterday);
  • Medicaid (because my mother’s renewal came up and the state gives you about 2.5 seconds to pull all the necessary documents together)
  • email (because I sluffed off while I was jamming toward a deadline and now my empty inbox is full again)
  • To-Do list (it’s really only helpful if I use it and organize it.  102 overdue tasks just ain’t working for me)
  • Proofing (I have 3 books in queue for uploading to B&N and Kindle and other retailers, and while I can pawn off much of the work, I have to do the final proof myself)
  • Holiday lights (yes, they’re still on the house)
  • Holiday decorations (we have an open area above our front door that can be accessed only by climbing over a ledge and risking death while scooting down a thin catwalk thingie.  Like an idiot, I decided that putting a small tree and fake presents there would be a fun thing for the holidays.  Now I have to go clean it up. Or keep it until next year….)
  • Filing.  I would say that I have three boxes of things to file, but that would be a lie.  It’s more like ten boxes.
  • Schooling.  Because yes, the little one needs to work on reading and math and history and science.  Maybe if I have her pay the bills and proof the books  (reading and math).  And for science?  Well, I suppose she could cook dinner!

And I’m sure there’s more that I’m forgetting!

How about you?  Are you sailing smooth today?  Or battling 900 things from 10,000 directions?

*fun fact:  Octopuses is probably more correct than Octopi because “octopus” is not Latin-based, but instead came from the Greek.  Interested?  Read more here!



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