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Claim Me – A Nearly Naughty Bit that Didn't Make the Final Cut

Claim Me by J. Kenner coverClaim Me is coming soon, but after the enthusiastic response on my Facebook page to my question of whether I should post outtakes, I’m going to get the ball rolling with a few Damien and Nikki outtakes that I’ll be posting over the next few weeks.  And I figured I’d start with a little bit of naughty …

(You’ll find these archived on the website, but I’ll do a blog post whenever I add a new one!

Keep in mind, these are bits that did NOT make it into the book.  I’ll do snippets from the actual book itself soon, too!)

Outtake #1:

“You’re really not going to tell me where we’re going?” I ask.

He, however, is giving away nothing, and when he once again responds with only an enigmatic smile, I settle back against the soft leather and resign myself to simply going with the flow.

I’ve been tossing out restaurant names for the last five minutes, ever since Damien led me out of the house and to the low-slung, cherry red car that he’d left in the drive after our Beverly Hills shopping spree. “You’re really taking me out?” I had said, as I teetered on the three inch heels, trying to walk gracefully over the gravel driveway.  “Like this?”  I made a vague arcing motion with my hand to indicate the cord that was hidden under my clothes and rubbed provocatively between my legs.  And which, I have to admit, made the simple act of walking really quite fabulous. There’s more! Click here to read on!


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I have read Release Me – more than once and love it – I have just read the outtake and cant wait for Claim Me to be published and have pre-ordered it.


Im gonna have to re-read and re-read Release me til Claim me comes out. I cannot wait! There has to be a real Damien in the world somewhere!


I love it! If you find him, you can tell him I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having him living in my head :)


Can’t wait for tomorrow, took the day off work so I can read Claim Me hot off the press, I have already re-read Release Me a few times :-)
Thanks for the great books Julie!


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