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Claim Me — New Outtakes … Take Two!

Claim Me by J. Kenner early release dateIs it Friday already?  No, but I’m posting these outtakes from Claim Me anyway!  Why?  Because in my never-ending love-hate relationship with Facebook, the Outtakes I posted as a Facebook exclusive can’t be seen by any of the gobzillion people who access Facebook on a mobile device.  (And, come on, Facebook!  Who doesn’t these days?)

So taking the peek wide!  Enjoy!  (And don’t forget!  Claim Me has a brand-spanking (haha) new pub date … April 23!)


I hope you enjoy these two short outtakes from Claim Me, coming on April 23!  These are bits that didn’t make it into the book … !


Outtake Number One:

Gently, he turns me around. His finger brushes my lower lip. I open my mouth to draw him in, reveling in the small sound of satisfaction that escapes the man in front of me. I run my tongue over his skin, wanting to memorize the taste of him, finer than the best chocolate and wine.

Slowly, he withdraws the finger, then traces it ever so gently along my cheekbone, then along the edge of the blindfold.

“Do you want to know what I intend to do to you, Ms. Fairchild?”

“I—“  My words catch in my throat, forestalled by the desperate pounding of my blood. I try again. “Yes, sir.”

“Everything.” he says.

“Everything?” I repeat, unable to hide the eagerness in my voice.

“I take care of what’s mine.” His words are simple, but his tone is anything but. There is an intensity in his voice, a possessive quality, as if he has no doubt that I will bend utterly to his will. “Tonight,” he adds, “I’m going to take care of you.”


Outtake Number Two:

Before I can think or argue, he has the sweater up and over my head.  He tosses it aside, and steps back.  “Oh, yes,” he says.  “I should have had Blaine paint you like this, too.  Not naked,” he adds, musing.  He pulls the mini up and lets it pool at my waist so that I am naked from the top up and the bottom down, but there is a circle of leather where the miniskirt is bunched up.  As for the silk cord, it is still hanging down my front and hooking under my body to where it is bound in the back with the leather skirt.

And, of course, I’m in the fuck-me heels.

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And if you haven’t read Release Me yet, be sure and snag your copy!

More coming next week!  (Along with snippets of what DID make it into the novel!)


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