Erotic Romance Novels: Superior to Mystery and Fantasy Novels?

Erotic Romance Novels: Superior to Mystery and Fantasy Novels? The Evidence is In!

Girl reading erotic romance bookAs most of you know, I write in a variety of different genres.  But which one is the “best”?  Hard to know, right?

Do my Julie Kenner books win?  Suburban fantasy like my Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom books? Paranormal romance like my series of superhero romances?

Or maybe the dark, paranormal romantic suspense books that I write as J.K. Beck?

Or does erotic romance win the toss?  Books like my current book, Release Me, written as J. Kenner?  

According to today’s guest blogger, Release Me wins big.  Read on to find out why!

Did you know that the most popular genre of fiction is romance? I was kind of surprised. I know I love it, but I figured mystery or fantasy would come out on top. While they didn’t rank first, they still came in as second and third.

E.L. James Fifty Shades of Grey coverHowever, thanks to books like Fifty Shades of Grey, which actually won the UK Book of the Year for 2012, romance novels continue to rank as number 1.

So as an attempt to keep our favorite books in the coveted spot, I developed this tongue and cheek list of the top seven reasons why reading a romance, specifically an erotic romance novel, is better than reading a mystery or fantasy novel.

7. Reading an erotic novel can help you start talking dirty in bed, whether it just inspires you or you read pages from the book to your partner. Reading a mystery novel can teach you all of the words to your Miranda Rights, which can sound really sexy if said while you’re riding your partner.

6. Erotic novels can provide you with new role playing ideas for your bedroom, while a fantasy novel can teach you new ways to interact with life on other planets, you know, for when you go on that summer vacation to outer space.

5. Reading an erotic novel can help you refocus on your attention on your relationship and therefore improve it, while reading a mystery novel can help you become paranoid and skeptical about your partner’s whereabouts.

4. Getting into a great erotic novel can help you learn about yourself, whether it be about what you want in the bedroom or how to get yourself off (because hopefully, it’s making you do a lot of that.) A fantasy novel, despite their tendency to contain sex scenes, is less likely to lead you to Adam & Eve for a little personal fun.

4. Reading an erotic novel is the female equivalent of watching porn, since women are turned on mentally and men are turned on visually. Reading a mystery is the female equivalent of watching Elliott Stabler (of SVU), which ok, let’s be honest, that’s like watching porn, too. I suppose we’re even there.Elliott Stabler Law & Order SVU

3. Erotic novels can put you in the mood, which means you’re more likely to have sex and sex helps you sleep better. So if A + B = C, then erotic novels can help you sleep better. Mystery novels on the other hand can freak you out and cause you to do anything but sleep.

2. Romance and erotic novels have been found to actually make people happier, because they tend to have happy endings, whereas fantasy novels are far more likely to make you worry about a giant asteroid destroying our planet.

1. Reading an erotic novel can put you in touch with your sexual side, while reading a mystery novel can help you tap into your serial killer tendencies.

So, if you were thinking about picking up a mystery novel next, think again. Think about your well-being, your relationship, and your sleeping habits. They all lay in the balance of your next read. Don’t mess it up!

So, readers, what do you say?  Is today’s guest right?  Does erotic romance win?  What’s the best genre out there in your mind?



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