Release Me readers rock! (Check out this Claim Me Kindle page!)

Release Me readers rock! (Check out this Claim Me Kindle page!)

Release MeNewJpgI’ve been so thrilled by the reader response to Release Me … and I’ve been having a blast communicating with readers who’ve left comments on this site, emailed me, or who have contacted me through Facebook or Twitter or Goodreads.

Your enthusiasm for the first book in Nikki and Damien’s story has really come through in those conversations and posts.

Earlier today, I was poking around online to see if the cover copy for Claim Me had posted yet (it has! check it out!), and I saw this:Claim Me by J. Kenner Amazon Kindle pre-sale orders

Right now (or, right when I took this screenshot), Claim Me was in the top 400 Kindle books … and in the top 25 in Erotica.

And it doesn’t even come out until July!

Claim Me by J. Kenner cover

Y’all, that just makes me happy!  The truth is, I would write even if I was trapped on a desert island with no one to read my books (though I might have to scratch them on the inside of coconut husks).

But it is so much more fun and rewarding to know that there are readers who are loving the characters and the story so much that they can’t wait to learn what happens next to the characters.

So, readers, I’m celebrating and saying thank you.  This is for you!

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