March Madness Blog Hop! (And a Bonus Excerpt Claim Me Excerpt!) - Kenner. Beck. Author.

March Madness Blog Hop! (And a Bonus Excerpt Claim Me Excerpt!)

March Madness Blog Hop

(Contest & Excerpt below!)

It’s madness! Madness, I say!

What is?

A weed in my backyardThe state of my yard.  I ignored it all winter (as one is supposed to do, but apparently in Texas we no longer have winter.  So although it’s barely even March yet, spring has sprung.  And not lightly like a bunny, either.  No, more like some fanged, scary hell beast.

Don’t believe me?  Check out this weed that, I swear, popped up in my back yard almost overnight, along with about two million of its closest friends!

So, while I’m diligently doing galleys for Claim Me, the weeds are waging war on my backyard.


But I’ll show those weeds! Here’s a bonus excerpt from Claim Me, Book 2 in the Stark Trilogy following Release Me … a little something to tide you over until #StarkOnSaturday!  (Don’t ask how that will show the weeds … I have no answer!)

“Your carpool’s here, Mr. Stark. You don’t want to be late for homeroom.” I turn to head back inside, but he grabs my hand and pulls me back. His kiss is long and deep and makes my knees go weak, but Damien considerately holds me up so that I don’t collapse in a puddle on the flagstone tiles.

“What was that for?” I breathe when he releases me.

“A reminder that I believe in you,” he says.

“Oh.” His voice is filled with so much pride and confidence that I wish I could soak it up like a drug.

“And a promise of things to come,” he adds with a sexy curve to his lips. “I’ll call you when I get back. I’m not sure how late I’ll be.”

“The helicopter not as speedy as it looks?” I tease.

“More like my colleagues don’t conduct business as expediently as I’d like.”

“No prob. I should have dinner with Jamie tonight, anyway. I’ve been a best friend in absentia lately.” I start to pull away, but his fingers tighten around mine. “What?”

“I don’t want to go.” His grin is boyish, and I laugh with delight. Damien is so many things, and I am falling hard for all of them.

“But if you don’t, then how can I spend the day looking forward to having you back?”

“You’re a very wise woman,” he says, then presses a fresh kiss to my lips. “Until tonight.”

Claim Me will be on-sale April 23!

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Want more? You can even pre-order Complete Me from Amazon or from Barnes and Noble!  On-sale July 30!

And now for the contest part!

I’m still celebrating eight weeks on the USA Today list with Release Me, so if you haven’t already entered, be sure to check out my Rafflecopter for a chance to win an early copy of Claim Me and a gift card!

And the Blog Hop has some awesome prizes, too!  Check it out and use the Rafflecopter to enter!  And be sure to follow the links below to visit everyone who’s hopping!  (Again, if the widget or the linky doesn’t show up, just refresh your page.  That almost always fixes it!)

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Tess H

Love love LOVE the excerpt! Can’t wait for Claim Me! #MarchMadnessHop


Alicia Taylor

great post. excellent excerpt and super giveaway #MarchMadnessHop thanks 🙂

Lori S

I just absolutely LOVE release me!!!!!! I cannot wait to get Claim me on my kindle next month!!! thanks and ugh for having to wait another 6 months for the final book


Forgot to add the #marchmadnesshop in my post above. Can’t wait for Claim Me.


I loved the excerpt for Claim Me! Thank you for sharing an awesome contest! #MarchMadnessHop

alyssaxchen14 AT gmail DOT com


i left a comment on your facebook, follow via network blogs, follow your twitter and shared on fb!

Renee B

You are a new author for me and I liked excerpt. I would like to win so I can read your work/.
Thanks for being part of the March Madness hop and for the chance to win.
reneebennett35 (at) yahoo (dot) com


My Dad and I used to watch the Yankees on TV, but since he has passed my Mom prefers not watch any sports including basketball; I love reading so it is not a problem! LOL!
Thank you for the contest!
bluebirdsub24 at gamil dot com


I am sorry for commenting again, but I failed to include the logo

bluebirdsub24 at gmail dot com

Celina K

Not sure if I had to comment again, but it appears I already like all 3 of your facebook pages 🙂 #MarchMadnessHop

dreammie_angel at yahoo dot com


Havent read Release Me yet, but really looking forward to it.


Nicki B

I’m reading Release Me now and I’m already craving the next two books!! I also love the J.K. Beck books, keep writing and I’ll keep reading 🙂 #MarchMadnessHop

Sandy Lion

Love the new Stark trilogy as well as your previous paranormal Shadowkeepers and the Demon Hunting Soccer Mom. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. #MarchMadnessHop


Joanna YoucancallmeNoona (Young)

Great giveaway! thank you! I love Damien Stark! #MarchMadnessHop

joanna.young1984 (at) gmail (dot) com


Thank you for the fun Hop and a peak into your book.
Seawitch reviews at yahoo dot com


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