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Claim Me in my In-Box! (Thanks, Nook!)

Claim Me by J. Kenner featured Nook TitleAll I have to say is “Yay”!!

(Claim Me will be on-sale April 23!)

You can get Claim Me for the Nook by following this link: Pre-order Claim Me from Barnes & Noble!

And here are some links to other retailers:

Pre-order Claim Me from Amazon!

Pre-order Claim Me from Books-a-Million

Pre-order Claim Me from Random House
Pre-order Claim Me from your favorite independent bookseller
Pre-order Claim Me in the U.K. from Amazon
Pre-order Claim Me in the U.K. from Waterstones
Pre-order Claim Me in the U.K. from WH Smith

Want more? You can even pre-order Complete Me from Amazon or from Barnes and Noble!  On-sale July 30!

And if you missed Release Me, you can snag your copy from your favorite retailers here:


Random House
Amazon (print)
Amazon (kindle)
Amazon United Kingdom
Barnes and Noble (print or Nook)
Indie Bound
And don’t miss the contest! We’re celebrating Release Me being 8 weeks on the USA Today bestseller list!  Learn all about it here!

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